Pavleta Petrova is a passionate fashion stylist who harnesses her knowledge, experience, and flair to take her clients’ images to the next level through image consulting.

Having experienced first-hand the power of having a great style, Pavleta leverages her long-standing experience in fashion and a keen eye for detail to help women discover their style, dress for personal and professional success, and become their own muse.

As a well-established fashion guru, Pavleta has built her reputation in personal styling services of the highest quality. She will take the time to tailor a session that flawlessly meets your needs and goals. As a perfectionist by nature, Pavleta pays obsessive attention to detail in all she does to make anyone look good and feel good regardless!


Stylish Sisters offers tailored solutions for all your fashion needs


Stylish Sisters caters to women of all ages, colours, shapes, sizes, and socio-economic statuses.


Our Happy Clients

Pav! Thank you so much for today! It opened my eyes to a new world and I loved it!

Krys, Hong Kong

Krys, Hong Kong

March 2017

It’s like everything fell into place and I have a clear vision and mission now.

Zoya, Hong Kong

Zoya, Hong Kong

February 2019

Pavleta also taught me some skills about styling. All my friends were like WOW!

Alice, Hong Kong

Alice, Hong Kong

January 2019


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Fashion is Expensive, but Style Is Not!
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Styling Tips: 5 Reasons to Ditch Dark Colours and be Fashion Ready For All Seasons

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