Celebrate milestones in style!

Got a special event coming up and don’t want to wear the same dress you sported for your last event or the one before that? You need not worry because our Special Event Styling Package is a game changer!

Whether you’re a 30s chic, 40s glam girl, 50s star, or 60s babe, I will empower you to express your individuality and creativity in style. I will help you maximize the closet you already have, surfacing genius garments and accessory matches.

From wedding occasions to corporate events and even graduation, I can help you discover what colours and styles work best for your skin tone, shape, and tastes and plan outfits with confidence instead of staring mindlessly at your wardrobe. After all, you’re never too “old” or “young” to reinvent your personal brand at life’s most special events and milestones!

What’s included?

Session 1: 45-minute Skype Consultation

  • Discuss the event, theme, and dress code
  • Decide on colours, shapes, and styles
  • Pin down a blueprint for a successful styling experience
  • Review your existing wardrobe to establish what’s missing from the complete look
  • Choose accessories to complement the look

Session 2: 2.5-Hour Shopping Spree

  • Establish budget
  • Find the perfect outfit at departments stores/local boutiques
  • Save time by having gorgeous outfits handpicked for you
  • Save money by purchasing items that suit your taste, colour, and tone
  • Eliminate the headache of dealing with sizing or staff

Note: This package is based on the average client’s needs. Need more time? Extend your session on or before the day.

With our help, you’ll look and feel like the goddess that you are. Not only will you look perfect on the day of the event, but you’ll also feel more confident to pose for photos instead of looking for the closest curtain to hide behind. You’ll be cherishing those memories for the rest of your life!


Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

Price: Please contact me for more information.

This service includes styling tips on how to look and feel fabulous every day, support with matching hair and makeup, and full access to a network of makeup artists, hairdressers, and etiquette coaches.